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Frequently Asked Questions

For many business owners, credit card processing fees constitute one of their biggest monthly expenses.  Bipsypay is designed to rescue your business from high per-transaction credit card fees and surcharges. By providing your customers with an incentive to pay with cash, you can pass the costs of accepting credit cards back onto those customers that choose to pay by credit. 


How does Bipsypay work?

For EVERY sales transaction a small convenience fee of 3.95% is automatically assessed, regardless of the customer payment method. If a customer pays with cash, this fee is automatically removed.

All your per-transaction credit card fees and other usage charges  are paid to the credit card processor(s) by the Bipsypay service. You receive 100% of the revenue charged for your goods and services, potentially saving you thousands of dollars each month in processing fees. 

How is this communicated to my customers?

In order to maintain full transparency, you are required to post conspicuous signage (either your own or provided by Bipsypay) at the entrance to your place of business and at the point of sale that alerts customers that a convenience fee will be added to ALL sales, and customers paying with cash will realize a discount. 

Which card types can I accept? 

Bipsypay allows you to accept all major credit card types, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and debit cards.  You can also accept payments via ApplePay, AndroidPay and Google Wallet.

Is it legal in all 50 states?

Yes. By displaying global pricing adjustments and uniformly assessing a set service fee across all products and payment types, merchants utilizing Bipsypay meet the standard regulations set forth by all major card service providers, state law and federal law.


Beginning in 2013, several federal laws went into effect that relate to allowing merchants the ability to offer a discount to customers who forego using a credit or debit card to complete their payments. 

Do I sign a long-term agreement?

At this time there is no monthly contract necessary to utilize the Bipsypay service. There is no monthly fee and you can process unlimited credit card transactions. You can cancel the service at any time. 

Do I need any special hardware?

Yes. We provide state of the art point-of-sale terminals.  This hardware will come to you pre-programmed with your merchant information and set up to automatically add the convenience fee to every transaction. You start saving from day one!

Ask us about all our terminal hardware options, including wireless terminals for mobile sales. 

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